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"Stronga Demountable Concept for Agricultural Trailers - It’s about Efficiency and Versatility "

Swap Loada Module System

The logical evolution of traditional agricultural trailers is the Stronga Swaploada Interchangeable Module system representing a working synergy between a single high performance chassis and multiple task specific transport modules.
The idea of demountable modules on one chassis has been successfully applied in commercial transport and in Agriculture across European countries for many years. The concept works well and brings cost efficiency particularly for larger scale operations and contractors.
Farmers and Contractors need to look beyond the initial buying price of individual cargo trailers and review the whole transportation efficiency of their enterprise.
Current transport requirements often go beyond traditional pre-conceptions and customers need the right information to be able to make the right decisions to bring the greatest benefits in both cost saving and operational efficiencies.

Years of experience in serving customers across various sectors with Handling and Hook lift systems has allowed Stronga to develop the SwapLoada trailer and customers should now look at the advantages a demountable Swap body system offers.
Swaploada is a different offering to the hook lift system being both lighter, thereby maximising payloads and cheaper while still retaining many of the advantages of fully utilising one high performance chassis with multiple purpose specific and lower cost modules.

Swap Loada Module System
Key Features on the SwapLoada Chassis 
  • High performance chassis developed for high speed use, the Swaploada is at home in the field or on the Road.
  • Great Stability and safety, offering comfort for the driver and a smooth ride for the tractor.
  • Robust professional undercarriage with multileaf parabolic suspension and dynamic anti tramp system.
  • A really simple, fast hydraulic module exchange system, changing modules in around twenty minutes.
  • Great modules to get the most from the trailer, low volume hardox dumper, high volume bulk, manure spreading, flat platforms for bales/ machinery and tanker modules.

  • Swap Loada Module System

    Swap Loada Module System

Stronga SwapLoada Transport System – Modern Synergy in motion 

The SwapLoada demount system makes it possible to quickly, simply and safely demount and mount specialist modules specific to each operation. The flexibility of the system results in a highly efficient and cost-effective transport solution.
Stronga specialises in engineering and manufacturing the highest quality demount systems available for the most demanding environments based solely on each customer's particular needs.

Swap Loada Module System

The Economic Case for Interchangeable Systems in Agricultural Transport  
Every operation has different requirements and the cost/benefit calculation needs to be made individually, Generally farmers and contractors have added various trailers and tankers of different shapes and sizes on an ad hoc basis over the years with each decision being taken looking at only part of the transport puzzle, all this in the context of increasing tractor size, speed and larger capacity harvesters often leads to mis-matching resulting in wasted time and money.
SwapLoada significantly reduces the overall capital tied up in agricultural trailer investments maximises while maximising trailer utilisation and minimising running costs.
Swaploada allows a fresh start, to consider the enterprise transport needs now and for the future matched to modern fast tractors.
Stronga’s specialist advice allows customers to look at the cost and efficiency benefits of a holistic planned approach to transport.
As farm sizes and contractor operations have grown the need of a professional transport solution has increased, many operations now have split parcels of land and several storage areas which can multiply the costs of transport unless carefully planned.

Swap Loada Module System

Each module is able to stand securely when not in use, with loads evenly distributed across all four legs which are height adjustable fro easy demounting where the ground is not completely level.
Reduced Fuel Costs  
Maximising the capacity of transport reduces fuel usage per cubic metre of crop transported , the Swaploada Chassis and tipping equipment have the ability to carry and tip large loads of any bulk material.
Simple and effective extension sides allow the Bulk Modules to be tailored to the material, maximising fuel efficiency.
Increased productivity means reduced Labour Cost per tonne shifted  
Any demount system allows an enterprise to optimise payload across all bulk, liquid and boxed/bag/pallet materials by matching the modules to the operations exact requirements.
Labour hours and costs of transport can therefore be managed down.
Stronga design modules around the actual operation rather than the existing “one size fits all” approach of the industry.
Maintenance costs on agricultural trailers  
Often these costs can be overlooked but hours spent maintaining a fleet of low specification single purpose trailers for a few weeks work a year are wasted hours.
Add to this the cost of maintaining several sizes of wheels/ tyres with spares, brake and other part costs and you can see the Swaploada adds up financially.
Swap Loada Module System

Less loads, Double handling and crop damage costs  
SwapLoada and HookLoada systems can reduce the need for reloading by optimising the capacity thus reducing cost and crop damage.
Tractor wear and tear with its associated downtime and cost is also reduced.

Swap Loada Module System
Expanding Business Flexibility  
After the initial investment both SwapLoada and Hook Lift systems allow the transport element of any operation to evolve in a flexible way.
Simply add cost effective demountable equipment to the existing chassis and start work.
Clever Swaploada Chassis  
Stronga has a reputation for manufacturing products of strength and durability and the SwapLoada Chassis models are no exception and are all highly specified to offer continuous high output use

Swap Loada Module System
Additional Equipment on the Chassis  
  • Air, Dual Braking with or without Wabco EBS
  • Wheel/ tyres options that match the performance of the Chassis
  • Hydraulic, Steel or Air suspensions
  • Many tyre options offering low rolling resistance and ground pressure
Clever Swaploada Modules  
It is impossible to list all the applications that can be mounted, call today and discuss your business needs
Some examples of the modules available:
  • Bulk Modules: from 20m3 -40m3 for grain, silage, manure for any bulk material
  • Flat Modules: of various lengths for bales, bags boxes, timber and any pallet materials
  • Tank Modules: 10,000 – 20,000 litres for slurry vacuum tanks and spray nurse tank operations
  • Spreader Modules: for manure and compost
  • Curtainside Module: Various lengths and types
  • Specials: We can mount almost anything, concrete mixers, green waste shredders, wood chippers

  • For Full Technical Specification and Options Contact Stronga Sales Team
    We will provide you with a written proposal suggesting changes that would lead to cost efficiencies in your transportation.