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STRONGA BL700 ROOT CROP TRAILER: Performance without Compromise  

BulkLoada BL700 is an agricultural tipping trailer specifically developed for the specialist vegetable and root crop sector.

The design development of this specialist agricultural trailer has been a joint venture between Greve B.V and the Stronga design team producing a modern transport solution for root crop and vegetable farmers.
Maximising Efficiency in Root Crop and Vegetable Transport 
Agricultural Root Crop Trailer BL700

The signature BulkLoada body shape has developed a longer and lower profile, ideal for minimising crop damage during loading from harvester elevators. The standard level load capacity is a class leading 24m3.

Optional 300mm high extension sides increase the capacity to 30m3, making the BulkLoada BL700 a capable all round performer.

Hardox in my Body and my Chassis 
Agricultural Root Crop Trailer BL700

The Hardox wearplate floor provides for a very stiff and long-life body structure. Hardox is also extensively used in high stress areas of the chassis, keeping the trailer light whilst retaining maximum strength and rigidity. Proven high quality components common across the whole BulkLoada range including sealed loom 12volt electric system with LED light fittings are retained on the BL700 model.

Leading the Field in Root and Vegetable Transportation 
The unique design was based on the requirement to minimise crop damage whilst maximising output, optimising ease of use and providing a long life structure resulting in a modern high performance vegetable and root crop transport solution for agriculture.

Agricultural Root Crop Trailer BL700

Efficient technical solutions  
The BL700 has a host of carefully thought through features and benefits built into the design including:
  • A Smooth and seamless construction inside the body minimises crop damage during loading and unloading.
  • The pivot point is set to the very rear of the body, providing excellent heaping ability.
  • A high quality double D rubber seal fitted to the rear door.
  • The rear door design has been developed to leave the rear of trailer clear of protrusions for ease of use when loading into hoppers and processing areas.
  • Self-locking rear door gives improved safety during loading and transport.
  • The huge front window and grille provides excellent visibility into the trailer from the tractor, enabling the operator to accurately control the loading process and minimise damage to the crop.
  • A tipping angle of 56 coupled with the rearward position of the pivot point provides the trailer with excellent heaping ability.
  • Customer specified Michelin wide floatation radial 710 x 50 R26.5 tyres combine a low rolling resistance with a large footprint for reduced soil damage.
  • Bogie axles, as specified by the customer, provide good articulation on field while high-speed suspension systems are also available to meet your requirements.
  • Optional Potato fall breakers can also be fitted to further minimise crop damage.
  • Large crop chute for controlled emptying.
  • A ladder on the outside of the body gives easy and safe operator access.

Extensive testing and development has led to the high performance of the BL700 with reliability typical of the whole BulkLoada trailer range for modern agriculture.

Agricultural Root Crop Trailer BL700

Develop your root crop and vegetable handling ability 
This product is now available to vegetable producers across Europe. Call today to benefit from this crop handling innovation.

Bulk Loada BL700 Technical Data  
Technical Data BL700
Number of axles2
Tare weight ca 6000kg
Technical payload ca 20000kg
Drawbar load 3000-3500kg
Hitch height 470 - 550mm
Minimum draft requirement 125Kw/170hp
Tip angle 56°
Brake size 420 x 180
Track width 2000mm
Standard transport capacity 24m³
Transport capacity with 300mm ext. sides 30m³
Body length 7000mm
Total length 8600mm
Tyres standard equipped 550x60x22.5
Max. width (with standard wheels) 2550mm

* All weights and dimensions are subject to trailer specification and regional laws
As we are continually improving our products technical details Stronga reserve the right to change specifications without notice
Illustrations shown may include optional equipment and accessories

For prices or more information on the special design features of the BL700 BulkLoada Root Crop and Vegetable Transport Solutions, contact our sales team.