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One of the largest and most advanced tandem bulk cargo tipping trailers

Bulk Cargo Tipping Trailer BL650

Building the largest tandem cargo trailer in the Bulkloada range brought our design team unique problems of maximising the capacity in a tandem configuration while managing drawbar, axle and suspension loads as well as getting the balance of the trailer perfect for use both in the field and at speed on the road.

The solutions lay in extensive field and road testing and in the specification of heavy duty suspensions and extensive use of high strength steels in the chassis.
For customers wanting maximum performance from a tandem agricultural tipping trailer this is the one for you. Capable of bringing transport efficiency gains by reliably moving mountains of agricultural crop all at the reasonable price and great value you expect from Stronga.

Combine this Stronga agricultural tipping trailer with a medium or high horsepower tractor to add efficiency to your farm transportation in the following ways:
  • Reduced fuel usage per tonne transported
  • Reduced labour hours by optimising the transport capacity of the trailer and tractor
  • Lower tractor hours from running efficient transport leads to reduced wear on the tractor, lower tyre and service costs

Advanced Vehicle technology for Farming from Stronga 

Selection of any new farm equipment can be daunting and it's not surprising given the number of trailer manufacturers and different types of trailer available in the market.
There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new trailer. One of the first considerations is to choose an established trailer manufacturer. As with almost everything, you usually get what you paid for, so try to choose the best trailer that you can afford.

For farm trailers most customers start by looking at the best matched capacity trailer to the individual crops and bulk cargo handled on the farm and consider matching the current or future tractor size and brake type.

Then there are the legal aspects of speed, braking, load and other issues to consider which vary from country to country and can be perplexing, please call our sales office early in the process and let us help to guide you on these matters.
A guide to purchasing tipping trailers 
Minimising overall transport and farm input costs means considering the residual value of the tipping trailer at the time of purchase. Choosing a quality built bulk trailer from a manufacturer like Stronga with a reputation for high resale values across Europe is best way to minimise depreciation.

Another consideration when purchasing a new bulk trailer is keeping running costs as low as a possible and that means investing an agricultural trailer built with highly specified, quality components that are operating well with their design limits allowing the delivery of reliable transport service with low maintenance costs. This requirement removes many of the cheaper bulk agricultural trailers from contention and leaves the choice of investing in a few market leading brands.

Tyre choices are also important in minimising the soil compaction impact of modern large capacity tipping trailers and consideration is needed for tyre performance and load rating at the high road speeds of modern tractor/trailer combinations. Stronga approach this issue by partnering with the world’s leading tyre manufacturers to offer customer’s access to the latest radial tyre technology information. Customers can select the depth of information they need to make the correct tyre and wheel choices while we advise on the technical requirements for the cargo trailer.

Finally, try to be an informed buyer. Ask lots of questions. Any reputable manufacturer should be glad to answer your questions and in fact, should ask you a lot of questions regarding your intended cargo and tractor type.

Bulk Cargo Tipping Trailer BL650

High Strength steels equals Lower tare weight equals more payload - every trip every day 
The design of the BL750 body has been refined to maximise the internal capacity and strength while the tapered monocoque construction and curved body shape are common to the whole Bulkloada range but this model features two mid support bands.

The heavily ribbed underside is also common across all the models while the reinforced tipping point handles the loads imposed on the body by large vertical hydraulic cylinder.

Regular, under floor formed body supports ensure great torsional stiffness working in combination with high strength steel reinforcement in high stress areas.
The wide angle hydraulic up and over rear door with double D rubber seal is standard on this model with the slim, strong, door design allows materials that may have been compacted from a long journey a fast, clear exit.

A hydraulic lock valve positioned on the chassis below the body senses when the tipping body is down thus preventing accidental rear door operation by the operator in transit.

Regular large shock absorption pads down the chassis eliminate noise and vibration providing a firm seating for the large body on the chassis

Full width front viewing window provides operators with a clear view during loading and is available with an optional removable grille to protect the window from damage

Extension sides are quick and easy to fit and increase the capacity for bulky materials including grass and maize silage.
External and internal access ladders allow safe, easy viewing or load sampling.

The design of the pivot point at the rear of the body has been carefully considered and incorporates phosphor bronze brushes and large diameter greasable pins, positioned to maximise the heaping ability of the trailer.

Crop weights per cubic metre must be considered for calculating the load inside the BL750 Agricultural bulk trailer and there are variations depending on moisture level. Call us to discuss your crop type so we can provide you with the optimum capacity for your needs as side heights can be adjusted.

Direct oil pressure from the tractor is used to tip the trailer but Stronga also offer a P.T.O pump version for high speed tipping with an onboard oil tank and filter.

Stronga Focus – Keep it simple 
Though direct contact with operators we try to provide our customers with useful features delivered via simple well proven engineering and we try to avoid technology that can overcomplicate the trailer for the operator leading to unnecessary costs and reduced reliability in the field.

Bulk Cargo Tipping Trailer BL650

Attention to detail in Chassis Design 
The BL 750 cargo trailer chassis is part of a new generation of running gear designed around very high performance to maximise the capacity of the bulk trailer for tandem commercial running gear. The chassis is reinforced using high strength steels keeping tare weights down and payloads up.
The 24 tonne suspension with dynamic anti tramp system has proven very capable both on and off road but there are other suspension options available.
The axles are positioned on a wide spread suspension to optimise the balance of the trailer and maximise traction in the field while negative tongue loads are managed during tipping using the same rear axle stabiliser system used on the Stronga HookLoada range
On the road the wide leaf sprung drawbar and excellent weight distribution make for a smooth ride.

Bulk Cargo Tipping Trailer BL650

Important Features on the Stronga BL750 Agricultural Bulk Tipping Trailer  
  • Optimal strength and capacity from the Modern, efficient tapered curved body shape
  • Wide angle rear hydraulic door with in cab operation
  • High strength steel stiffened closed box section chassis
  • Multi position sprung drawbar with bolt on heavy duty 40mm swivel tow eye to fine tune the trailer ride height to the tractor
  • Rear axle stabilisers manage negative tongue loads during tipping
  • Professional Tandem Undercarriage with commercial 420 x 180mm Braked axles with optional steering axles
  • Sealed loom electric system with LED light side marker lights, commercial light fittings in protective grille with removable electric coil to tractor
  • Powerful vertical multi-stage hydraulic cylinder or optional high flow, high pressure P.T.O. pump with separate oil reservoir.
  • Full width front viewing window
  • Access ladders outside and inside the body give quick and easy access and are indicative of our attention to detail
  • 51 degree tipping angle
  • Generous sized Grain Hatch in the rear door
  • Steel mudguards mounted on the tipping body and Plastic mudguards fitted to the chassis
  • Bolt on Rear bumper protects the rear of the trailer
  • The finishing touch- the whole assembly is fully shot blasted to Swedish standard SA 2.5 then painted with hard wearing two pack polyurethane high gloss paint in colour of your choice

Stronga Optional extras :  
We can help you make better choices on the BL750 Agricultural Tipping Trailer
The choices can be daunting but our clear friendly approach making choosing the right options simple so call us for assistance:
  • Various suspension systems can be specified including air and hydraulic.
  • Braking systems including Air and Dual braking with or without Wabco EBS
  • Flashing LED warning lights can be fitted to warn other road users of this large vehicle
  • Autolube systems fitted to assist you in reducing daily maintenance and thereby extending the life of your investment
  • Drill fillers are hydraulically driven to extend the working season of your Stronga grain trailer into drilling times or as a feed dispenser
  • Protect your crop from the elements by specifying the Stronga roll sheet option with curved lightweight frame and high gloss PVC sheet keeping the weather off your crop, really easy and quick to operate the whole assembly can be removed and stored when not required
  • Or choose the generous sized bulker sheet, available in the same commercial heavyweight high gloss PVC material with stowage area mounted at the front of the body and regular securing points to keep the sheet firmly in place
  • Various body heights can be specified for root crops or light bulky crops from 1 to 2 metres high
  • Soil care is becoming a major issue as equipment weight increases we purchase radial flotation tyres all from the major manufacturers. Call for technical assistance on tread pattern choices suited to you soil type, we can help you get it right
  • GPS tracking is available, useful for large scale farmers wanting a high level of management over the transport operation
  • Steering front and rear axles reduce tyre wear and improve manoeuvrability
  • On board weigh systems are available
  • Potato fall breakers available to minimise damage during loading
  • A wide choice of support legs and stands to suit your tractor can be fitted
  • Various hitch types are also available

Bulk Cargo Tipping Trailer BL650

Bulk Loada BL750 Technical Data  
Technical DataBL750Notes
Number of axles2
Tare weight Ca 6000kgDepends on specification and options selected
Technical payload in grain Ca 20000kgMay vary depending on suspension type specified
Drawbar load2500-3500kgUnevenly distributed loads in the trailer will affect drawbar load
Hitch height470 - 850mmPlease specify tractor hitch type when ordering
Minimum draft requirement170hpLarger tractors will enhance the performance of this trailer
Tip angle51°Special requirements will be considered by our technical team
Brake size420 x 180Brakes sizes may vary if other axles are specified
Track width2000mmOther track sizes available
Standard transport capacity 26m³Based on 1500mm high sides, other sides heights available on request
Transport capacity with 300mm ext. sides 32m³ Various heights of extension sides available on customer request
Transport capacity with 800mm ext. sides 40m³  
Extension sides600mm
Body length 7700mm
Total length 9100mmMay vary depending on equipment fitted
Tyres standard equipped550x60x22.5 Many other tyre sizes available
Max. width (with standard wheels)2550mmMany other tyre sizes available

* All weights and dimensions are subject to trailer specification and regional laws
As we are continually improving our products technical details Stronga reserve the right to change specifications without notice
Illustrations shown may include optional equipment and accessories

For more information on the whole range of Bulkloada cargo trailers or a brochure on this product call our friendly technical team on (0044) 1992 519000